April 25, 2015, 16:16

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  1. Malkolm : April 25, 2015, 16:16

    don't worry, everything's gonna come in time) the kid will end up with a fuckin' 120kg necklace around his neck one day)

  2. Sapata : April 25, 2015, 16:16

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  3. Zico : April 25, 2015, 16:16

    Man there are some dumb fucks up in here. Sorry for your pain and suffering because of a black lead in a movie. Lmao.

  4. Iguain : April 25, 2015, 16:16

    buy viagra usa +Angel Cruz i think is kinda funny bc apparently they only need to sing. Thats what i dont like of tv singing competition shows, that all they need to do is sing. i mean i have no problem with that but we cant forget that there is a difference between singers and musicians. They play their instuments, they compose their own songs and yeah they sing but they dont have pop voices and cant be compared. beyonce has an incredible voice and kurt cobain also had one. they are just not the same but still great. :)

  5. Ville : April 25, 2015, 16:16

    that about summs it up

  6. LALA : April 25, 2015, 16:16

    buy viagra usa ya its totally going to eat him

  7. Huan : April 25, 2015, 16:16

    cumpleaños abraham mateo

  8. Kolya : April 25, 2015, 16:16